Jared took Kor and Kimball to Frightmares on Saturday and they had a great time. He'll have to fill in the details on the trip, but here are a few pics he took while they were there.

Words of Wisdom from K&K

Koria and Kimball don't have preschool on Mondays, so while Luke and Layne where down for a morning nap, I told Kimball that I'd play a game with him. He picked out Diego Chutes and Ladders, which I highly recommend (it doesn't take much energy or brain power). I was trying to explain to him how to move and that he couldn't skip spaces or he would not be playing by the rules. In the meantime, Koria was coloring by us at the kitchen counter when she interupted our game, turned around, and said to me in her most authoritative voice, "Mom, when you're cheating, you're not winning!"

Earlier that morning as I was busy with the babies, I heard Koria screaming in her bedroom and when I went to check it out, I found Kimball rolling Koria into the carpet with all his body weight, laughing his head off. I told him that he couldn't do that and that he needed to stop beating up his sister when he replied, "A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do." You're three, buddy. Where'd you pick that one up? I think my kids watch too much Scooby Doo. Aunt Jana gave K&K a new Scooby-Doo sports DVD when L&L where born and we noticed that one section is all about the cartoon version of WWE. Next time they watch it, I'm going to listen and see if Shaggy pulls that line out as he's in the ring with Hulk Hogan's ring buddies. Ahhh, the memories. I used to make my younger brother, Derek, pretend to be a WWF wrestler with me on Saturday nights growing up. I'd make him stand across from me in the living room, with a newly washed towel tied around either of our necks, and I'd proceed to have him run into the middle of the room where I'd take him down to the ground and pelt him with just-folded laundry that still had not been put away. Guess I shouldn't wonder where Koria and Kimball get their ideas afterall ...

Right before lunch that same day, I noticed Koria standing by the back window that was slightly open to let in the fresh air. I heard her say, "Hello? Is there anybody out there?" I've often had that thought, but as far as I can remember, I don't think I've verbalized it. So to all of you out there reading this, remember that when you're cheating your not winning, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do, and I KNOW your out there. I just may show up one of these Saturday nights in a cape and tights, ready to destroy your freshly folded laundry. Don't be surprised if it's at your house, Derek. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


Ode to Mom

I was looking through some old photos the other day and came across this one taken of my mom and I in Yellowstone when I was around L&L's age and I started thinking about daily life right now. Luke's had colic for the last three or four weeks now ... I've lost track of time ... and Layne's convieniently fussy for about two or three hours each night at the same time as her brother. Guess she doesn't want to be shown up. I've been thinking a lot about how my parents survived 6 kids the last month or so, and when I asked my mom about it the other day, she replied, "Kendra, we had no choice. We just did the best we could, and there were a lot of days I wasn't that great of a parent, and you all survived, didn't you?" Mom, this goes out to you -- and all the other parents of screamers out there! Wait, this is all just payback, isn't it?


We had just as much fun as the kids, between emergency potty breaks that didn't end well, to feeding two newborns in a public park, to stealing fake pink cell phones from three-year-old-girls, to batting practice. One thing we learned for sure, don't mess with a redhead and her phone.


Layne's our baby bird. She's growing fast, but is still tiny in comparison to the rest of the kids, including Luke. She's also gettig more and more fiesty each day. Runs in the females of the family ... and I can say that because I am one.


Koria let me know a couple days ago that Luke told her that he was her "Chubba Cheeks" and that he's "just a stinker." I guess both apply.


Koria's a teenager, trapped in a 3-year-old's body. She's been obsessed lately with her princess cell phone, and we catch her having fake conversations with her cousin, Micah (yet another redhead) daily. The shot taken on the park bench was not approved by her in any way whatsoever. Makes it that much better.


Yeah, the picture blogs are definately the way to go for me. I took some shots of the kids this weekend as we were out for a picnic in the park and on a drive up to Joe's Valley. This entry's all about Kimball. Jared told him to keep his eye on the ball when he was pitching it to him, and he started to give the ball the stare down, as seen in the shot of him at bat.


New pics

Since I'm the queen of posting on our blog, I thought that I would keep this simple and just put a few recent pics up. Gotta run. A baby's crying.

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