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Just to let you know about the housing opportunities in our area....


Kendra's Marathon Pics

As requested, here are the pics of me after the marathon. Sorry that there are no pics available from the triathalon and the heptathalon, but I was just too exhausted. I'm thinking about swimming the English Channel next.


Time Outs

So I'm a fan of "time outs" when Koria and Kimball are acting up, but some times, they are more effective than others. Yesterday they both landed themselves in trouble at the same time. They decided it would be fun to spit milk all over their toys, trampoline, books, ... and each other. Sounds like fun, egh? Effective or not, at least the milk spitting stopped and dry ground could again be found. The plastic shovels in Kimball's hands are his "swords." Those, and any other instrument with handles.


What happened to April and May?

Alright, alright. I get the hint. Everyone's let me know that I haven't posted on our bog for . . . a while now, so I am going to attempt to catch you up on a few of the highlights from April to June. Here we go:

1) We bought a truck, to which one of our neighbors responded by saying "Now you really belong in Emery County!" A slight gag-reflex followed (from me). Jared once pulled out of the Stake Center here in Huntington and saw a huge monster-truck type vehicle turning into the parking lot. He said that he was surprised to see a 90lb, 80 year-old, gray-haired woman in the driver's seat, all ready for church. Guess it's just a way a life in these here parts ... yes sir, I'ma thinkin' we done got ourselves a keeper! Funny thing is, I like it, and I like driving it even more. Maybe I'll be the little old lady in the driver's seat someday.

2) Jared was able to go with the Spanish Group on their first ever Temple Trip in April. In case you are trying the find him in this picture, he was the one taking it. Sorry.

3) Becky , a.k.a. "Aunt Amazing", came to stay with us for a week and help us out! We went "treasure hunting" for a few days (geocaching), explored the desert, hit the park, created a patio for the backyard, played some new games, watched some reruns, played in corrals with sticks and mud, and had one of the funnest weeks we have had since the last time she was around! The kids are still asking me if we can go find "treasure" every time we get in the car and pretend to call Aunt Becky on their play phones every two minutes. Gotta love her!

4) Kimball decided to come down with a nasty case of sinus infection, which led to asthma attacks, which led to a two-day trip to the hospital, which led to a bizarre case of Roseola and more meds than we care to remember! Kimball actually started to like the hospital when he realized he could watch cartoons all day and eat an endless supply of popsicles. The nurses gave him a stuffed toy doggie that sings "Honey, You are my Shining Star" and lights up when you push his paw. Since our return home, K&K get a kick out of playing it every night for hours on end when they are supposed to be going to bed. Jared and I can hear that song from the other side of the house, followed by lots of laughter. Whatever makes you happy. We are happy to say he's doing much better, the rash has cleared up, the nebulizer meds that make him wired have worn off, and he's back to attacking Koria and running around like a mad man. Koria's happy to have him back too ... at least we think. We KNOW she's happy to be bossing him around again.

5) We planted grass in the backyard and are hoping the patches turn into a lush tropical oasis in the desert. Picture is pending tropical oasis success.

6) Jared had his 27th birthday ... again! I made sure he had enough candles to blow out. Golfing, a movie, a night out, cake, icecream, a good day.

7) I ran a marathon, followed by a triathalon, followed by a heptathalon. I'll try to find a picture that makes this seem legit. Until then, you will just have to trust me.

Well, that's only a taste of the last couple months. The hightlight are better than lowlights (speaking of which, I had some bad lowlights put into my hair last spring immediately following a freakishly bad highlighting job --I don't recommend it) so we'll keep it to this. Life is good. Maybe I'll just try to keep up over the next few months to avoid another mega post. How's that sound?

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