Ditto to the last

Here's one more, Mom ... and a flower pic I took at the temple, just for you!

More for Mom

Mom has requested that I post some more so that she can just get the files from the blog, so here's a few more to choose from. Let me know which others you want.

More from D&M's Wedding

Just a few more from the wedding ... I think they turned out great. I loved your shed, Marcie! Wish I could have brought it home with me!

Derek and Marcie's Wedding

Ohhhh, soooo many pictures to chose from, so little time and patience to post them all! Here's just a couple of pictures from the many that I took of my younger brother, Derek and my now sister-in-law Marcie's wedding on March 24 at the Mesa, AZ Temple. It was a beautiful day! I posted a lot more of the edited pics on my Flickr account to save time, so check those out if you are interested by following the link below. Also, I posted some of the funner shots on our other blog. WAY to many to post them all, but it's a good sampling from the day. Derek, I love ya like none other! I don't think you could have found a better person to marry than Marcie. You two just work with each other! Hope you like the photos!

Here's my Flickr account link:



Derek&Marcie Engagement Photos Black&Whites

Yesterday I took my brother and his fiancé's engagement photos. After some editing, I posted the color versions of the best pics on our other blog, but I had to do a few black&whites for fun. I love black and white -- it reminds me of charcoal sketches, my favorite medium to work in. Can't beat it! Congrats, Derek and Marcie! We are excited for the wedding in March in Mesa. I think we will all be relieved to have warmer weather for the next set of pictures...
The piggyback pictures are for Marcie's parents by their request. Let me know if they will work. If not ... well, you will have to figure that one out on your own!


Merry Christmas from the Blacks

This may be as close as we get to a Christmas card this year .... I messed around with the camera this afternoon in prep for a photo shoot I am doing tonight, so I thought that I would try and get a few shots of the kids and myself for practice. I'm sure that Jared will be upset that he missed the whole event. Don't worry. I have a good pic of Jared in mind to post soon! Have a great Christmas if I don't post again on this blog until after the holidays are done!


New Pics of Jared and Kor

Jared, I know that you love it when I post pictures of you on the blog, but I thought that this one of you turned out great.

Alright Dad, here's the new pics of Koria for your wall. Sorry you didn't like the ones from before ... actually I like these better too. I just can't get enough of that red hair! She's a babe. Here you go!


More Fam Pics

This time around, we have a shot of Shanell's group with Cade's arm down. I like the other one better, but thought that I would include both for you just in case. Becky, I can't remember which direction you wanted the one of us as sisters, so I edited a couple both ways.

Family Shots

No, I'm not taking shots at my family. Just shots of you. There's a difference. Here's the promised individual family shots, minus ours, Derek, and Becky. Why is it that our family can never take a good picture all together? Curse of the 2 sets of twins, I guess. Same as before ... you should be able to get the files right from this blog. Any problems? Call me and I'll send them to you via email.


Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Sharon and Michael ... it's all the same. I think you two look better than ever. I'm proud to be your daughter. Just look what a wonderful family is following in your footsteps. That's pretty amazing, don't you think? I love you both very much.


Ashlyn, one of these days, you are going to let the rest of us enjoy you other than just your parents. In the meantime, thanks for giving me some smiles for the pics.


Layne, I know that I'm a bit one-sided on this debate, but I think you are extra special. That deep growly laugh gets me every time. I had to through in an extra shot of you because they were too hard to chose from.


Luke Buke, you are one funny boy. I love your laugh, your smile, your tender side ... just not the early terrible two phase you've just begun. I knew what that red hair meant the day you were born.


Dorrin, aka Smiley Pants ... I think that you and Landon should have a smile-off contest. Don't know who would win, but it would be a pretty tight race for first.


Landon, your "smile" makes me smile. Thanks for giving up the hat for the shots too.

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